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          The main objective of the scheme is to assist the needy disabled persons i procuring durable, sophisticated and scientifically manufactured modern, standard aids and appliances that can promote their physical, social and psychological rehabilitation by reducing the effects of disabilities and enhance their economic potential. Under the scheme, aids and assistive devices are given to persons with disabilities with an aim to improve their independent functioning and to arrest the extent of disability ad occurrence of secondary disability.

          As part of the efforts, to address the grievances of the marginalized sector, a unique proceeding was initiated to settle off all the pending applications for Disability Medical Board Certificates, its renewal and issuance of Legal Guardianship Certificates in Kozhikode District and assessment for the ADIP beneficiaries.

          CRC Kozhikode had conducted routine centre level and community based identification / assessment camps. Intensive Assessment camps were conducted in previous year and the beneficiaries were identified. By conducting camps it is understood that, the potential beneficiaries could not produce the requisite documents like Aadhaar card and Medical Board Disability Certificate to avail the benefits of various Central Govt. Schemes like ADIP etc. To overcome the problem faced by PwDs, Special Aadhaar enrolment camps were arranged by the Centre with the support of UDAI and the State Government.

          In the case of those are not possessing Medical Board Certificate, though eligible for benefits under the scheme, special camps were required.  Special camps are being conducted for the eligible persons for getting Medical Board Disability Certificate in association with District Administration. CRC-K in co-ordination with State Government department like District Administration, Medical College, Taluk Hospitals, NGOs etc., special medical boards were constituted in different places of state.

         This mammoth process has just concluded and as per the requirement of the GOI to avail benefits under its welfare schemes including ADIP; the potential beneficiaries are fully equipped with requisite documents.