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          It is very difficult for Persons with Disabilities, to attain their ADHAAR Cards, through the routine process, by competing with ‘normal’ persons, standing in long queues. This is further more difficult for persons with severe disabilities. Since ADHAAR Card is the most important single document for every citizen of the country, CRC-K, has taken up the issued and has come up a novel scheme.

         In association with District Administration and UIDAI Southern Region, CRC-K has taken up the matter of issuance of Aadhaar card for the severely disabled persons, who are unable to provide their biometric for Aadhaar enrollment. Applications shall be invited through Anganwadis of the State Social Justice Department. Aadhaar registrations and technical processes will be done by the Akshaya Project of the State IT Mission. Camps will be conducted in various parts of the district. The registration, co-ordination and facilitation of the whole camps will be conducted by CRC-K.

         Further, the Aadhaar card issuance to differently abled with severe disabilities like profound Mental Retardation with psychotic symptom etc., who despite having biometrics are not a position to co-operate for the procedure of taking biometrics etc. This becomes a serious problem in some situations. Efforts are taken by CRC-K, to get approved by UDID as a green channel agency in providing the Aadhaar card for such severely disabled, without biometrics. The UIDIA Southern Head Quarters, Bengaluru has in principle approved the proposal and further proceedings are initiated.